Rooted in a Love of Food

It all started with four Unilever foodies who believed in the power of plants, and the passion to find that elusive snack that is tasty, filling, and good for you.
Chief Starter-Upper

Emily and her nut-allergy daughter were drowning in peanut butter world.

Brand Pioneer

Shannon was craving more protein in her vegetarian diet (there are only so many ways to do lentils).

Big Thinker

Kathy prowled the office for afternoon snacks, but was never quite satisfied.

Marketing Mixologist

Ingrid needed quick, healthy energy to juggle work and a lively toddler.

The foursome started working nights and weekends in abandoned conference rooms to create what they were missing – what everyone was missing.
Then it hit them: it’s the vegetables! They are vital, vibrant and full of vitamins. They are the source of life, kind to the body and the earth.
What if they could make delicious vegetable snacks that the entire world could love?
  • CestlaV - Veggie Spread - Caprese
  • CestlaV - Veggie Spread - Supergreen
  • CestlaV - Veggie Spread - Thai Fusion